Where in the world?

I hope you all had a good holiday and enjoyed the break. It’s lovely to see all the children back and I’m sure they’ve grown in the last 2 weeks!

It’s hard to believe that this is the last half term of the year and soon you will be Year 5! This year has certainly flown by.

As always this will be a busy half term with lots of exciting events:-   We will be playing our Brass Instruments on the stage of The Lowry Theatre so keep rehearsing hard! However,  PLEASE make certain the instruments are back in school on Mondays ready for our lesson!

Also at The Lowry we will be watching Year 5 perform Shakespeare’s famous Scottish Play, Macbeth. This is part of The Children’s Shakespeare Festival which all being well you will be in next year!

This term is also the time for St. Paul’s got Talent so get the entries in and then keep working on the acts! I know there’s loads of talent in our class including comedians, dancers, singers, musicians and probably lots I don’t know about!

Our topic this term is “Where would you go?” and part of the classroom has been transformed into a Travel Agency offering bargain holidays to all parts of the world. If anyone has any artefacts which would add to our understanding of different countries it would be great if we could borrow them. Or if anyone has any posters or brochures they’ve finished with they would be much appreciated as well. Hopefully, as a football fan, we will be able to study some of the countries participating in The World Cup and celebrate an England win!

It would be fantastic if you could write on our Blog about the best place you’ve ever visited. Don’t forget to explain why it was such a wonderful place and where it is so we can visit it too!

Fiction is the genre for writing, which I know will be very popular! Continuing to read at home will really help to develop understanding of how to hook a reader into a story. There is still time for everyone to win a book so remember read 4 times every week! We haven’t won the reading challenge for a while so ………….. go YEAR 4!

Maths will again concentrate on calculation before applying our understanding into data handling. If you have any spare moments please learn your times tables so yo can answer within 5 seconds. This will be amazingly useful if you are confident and secure!

This term will also be the last formal assessment before Year 5 so you will be able to show off how much you’ve learnt!  Which is TONS!

P.E. is on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon so please make certain you have kit suitable for indoor and outdoor lessons on both days.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to come and see me.

Amanda Greaves



The Chinese Dragon welcoming the New Year


Hello Year 4 and welcome to 2014!

  We are in for an exciting half term! Our topic is China and we will be discovering about its history, culture, traditions and foods. We will have the chance to go to the Chinese Cultural Centre and study Chinese Art!!

   I have been busy emptying my house to find some interesting artefacts and I’m hoping you will be looking to see what you can find as well. Has anyone visited China? Have you eaten any Chinese food?

     We will be doing a class assembly on Friday January 31st to celebrate Chinese New Year.

   If you have any questions that you would like answering please blog them and we will see if we can discover the answers together. If you have found out anything interesting please add to the blogs.


   As for numeracy we will be working on times tables so keep rehearsing at home. The first one is the 6 times table.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

This could be…

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